Flocked – Bonded Floorcoverings / Carpets are the only 100%
waterproof Carpets from the back surface and top pile surface.

“Real Waterproof Carpet” – A Flocked Foorcovering

Is a resilient vinyl floorcovering with an electrostatic flocked dense nylon cut pile surface.
The totally resilient impervious Carpet base prevents liquid / spillage absorption through the backing and pile – base surfaces.
Other Carpets claiming to be waterproof including Tufted and Axminster constructions:- “Waterproof backing only”. They are waterproof only from the back surface and not waterproof from the pile – base surface. Liquid / spillages absorbed into the pile – base of these Carpets results in significant soiling, hygiene and odour issues, reductions in cleanability, life cycle, appearance retention and wear performance.

“Real Waterproof Carpet”
Looks like Carpet !! Feels like Carpet !!
Cleans like a Vinyl Resilient Floorcovering!!
Manufactured as a Soft Resilient Impervious Floorcovering !!!

“Fit For Purpose”
Combines benefits of Resilient Vinyl Flooring and Textile Floorcovering Carpet

Sound Absorption
Slip Resistance
Warmth and Comfort
Non Hygienic

Appearance - Style
Wear Performance
Extremely Hygienic
Custom Design and Colours - Style
15 year Warranty

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